What is MasterDocs?

MasterDocs is a web-based document collaboration tool that streamlines traditional workflows.

Collaborate on manuals, guidelines and standards, series of technical publications, textbooks, user guides, policies and procedures, reports and more. 

Streamlined authoring, collaboration and publishing

Reuse content
 Keep repeated content accurate. Content is stored in one location, which lets you automatically update all your documents at once. 

Publish faster
Reviewers and authors can work on the same document simultaneously.  Maintain momentum with our Agile Authoring workflow.


Work anywhere
Our web-based authoring tool lets you edit or review content in any modern browser. Helps distributed or remote teams collaborate.

Multichannel publishing
A single-source of content means you can export on demand to digital (WCAG 2.0 compliant) and print outputs: PDF, HTML, XML, Word and more. 

Version control
Your entire team is always working on the latest version. Compare content over time with a detailed audit trail and document history.

Secure hosting
MasterDocs is your fully managed hosted solution. Data is secured in an enterprise-grade, AGIMO-compliant hosting environment.


“MasterDocs is now managing version control, and all of the changes that have been made through the review process are able to be readily viewed and audited. Because more than one person can update documents at the same time, MasterDocs has enabled our content development team to work more collaboratively.”
— Health sector client. Managing production of a flagship textbook with 100 authors collaborating on 65 documents.

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