Introducing: Agile Authoring

MasterDocs was born out of a desire to find a new way to collaborate on authoring large documents - a method we call Agile Authoring.

Our flagship product is a web-based document collaboration tool, helping to enable business transformation by streamlining your authoring and digital publishing workflows. MasterDocs is used by Federal Government, education and other organisations - with individual project teams of up to 100 collaborators working on thousands of pages of content.

MasterDocs delivers agility by allowing you to easily manage the authoring, editing and reviewing of publications such as textbooks, user guides, manuals, policy and procedure documents, sales proposals, reports and series of technical publications - then dynamically publish to multiple digital and print formats, responding to your customers' demands and increasing your reach.


Our history

MasterDocs was founded in Canberra, Australia by Tim Siers and Alexi Paschalidis. It all began in 2010, within our sister company, Oxide Interactive - built upon twelve years experience delivering hundreds of content management, digital publishing and collaboration projects for Federal Government and other public sector clients.

We created MasterDocs to respond to our customers' complex collaboration and publishing needs. In designing our product, we took inspiration from principles such as transparency, accountability, showing progress early and often, and iterating on smaller parts.

Tim Siers


Alexi Paschalidis
Managing Director


Bobby Graham
Business Development Manager